Breaking News: Lifes Abundance Dog Food Recall Alert

Life’s abundance dog food has not been recalled. Life’s abundance offers premium dog food made with high-quality ingredients and without the use of artificial preservatives or additives.

The company is committed to providing safe and nutritious food for pets, and their products are regularly tested to ensure quality and safety. While there has been no recall of their products, pet owners should always monitor their pets’ health and consult with a veterinarian if they have any concerns.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of choosing a high-quality dog food and the steps that life’s abundance takes to ensure the safety of their products. We will also provide some tips on how to choose the best food for your furry friend.

Lifes Abundance Dog Food Recall
lifes abundance dog food recall


What Is Lifes Abundance Dog Food Recall?

Life’S Abundance Dog Food: What You Need To Know

Are you looking for a high-quality dog food option for your furry friend? If so, you may have come across life’s abundance dog food. But what exactly is it, and what makes it unique? Let’s dig in!

Brief Explanation Of The Brand And What Makes It Unique

  • Life’s abundance is a premium dog food brand that was founded in 1999.
  • The company is committed to using wholesome, natural ingredients in their dog food recipes.
  • Life’s abundance dog food is specially formulated to meet the unique nutritional needs of dogs at different stages of life.
  • Unlike many dog food brands, life’s abundance uses a “direct-to-consumer” model, meaning that their food is only available through their website or through independent distributors.
  • Additionally, the brand offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of their products.

Discuss The Ingredients Used In The Dog Food

  • Lifes abundance dog food recall recipes use a variety of high-quality ingredients, including real meat and vegetables.
  • The brand avoids common fillers like corn, wheat, and soy, which can be hard for dogs to digest.
  • Life’s abundance also uses a unique blend of prebiotics and probiotics to support digestive health.
  • All of the brand’s products are free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

Mention Any Previous Recalls Or Issues That The Brand Has Had

  • Life’s abundance has never had a recall of their dog food products.
  • The company does rigorous testing on their ingredients and finished products to ensure safety and quality.
  • Additionally, Lifes abundance dog food recall sources all of their ingredients from trusted suppliers in the united states, which helps to ensure product safety and quality control.

Life’s abundance is a premium dog food brand that is committed to using high-quality, wholesome ingredients to meet the unique nutritional needs of dogs. With a focus on safety and quality control, this brand is a top choice for pet owners who want the best for their furry friends.

What Is Lifes Abundance Dog Food Recall?

Detailed Explanation Of The Recall Alert Issued By The Company

Lifes abundance dog food recall recently issued alert, concerning some of their products which could potentially be harmful to dogs. Here is a detailed explanation of the recall issued by the company:

  • The reason for the recall is the presence of elevated levels of vitamin d in some of the products.
  • Vitamin d is an essential nutrient for dogs but excessive intake of vitamin d can lead to serious health issues.
  • The company took preventive measures to ensure the safety of pets by recalling the products that have been affected.

Discuss The Reasons Behind The Recall

Dogs are lovely pets that deserve proper care and healthy nutrition. However, several reasons led life’s abundance dog food to recall some of their products. Some of the significant reasons behind the recall include:

  • The elevated levels of vitamin d were detected in some products.
  • Excessive vitamin d intake has been linked to severe health issues such as kidney malfunction, renal failure, and even death.
  • The company prioritizes the safety of pets and customers, and thus, decided to take strict measures.

Provide Information About Which Products Are Affected By The Recall

It’s always essential to stay informed about the specific dog food products that have been affected by the recall. Here is a list of the affected products:

  • Life’s abundance all life stage dog food, 40 lb.
  • Life’s abundance chicken and rice dog food, 20 lb.
  • Life’s abundance chicken and rice dog food, 40 lb.
  • Life’s abundance grain-free chicken and chickpea recipe dog food, 20 lb.
  • Life’s abundance grain-free chicken and chickpea recipe dog food, 40 lb.
  • Life’s abundance premium protection grain-free chicken recipe, 20 lb.
  • Life’s abundance premium protection grain-free chicken recipe, 40 lb.

If you’ve purchased any of these products, it’s advised that you stop feeding them to your dogs and contact the company for a refund.


Potential Risks For Dogs Who Consume The Recalled Dog Food

Lifes abundance dog food recall has recently caused a stir in the pet food industry, raising concerns about the potential risks for dogs who have consumed the recalled dog food. As a pet owner, it is important to stay informed about this recall and take necessary precautions to ensure your furry friend’s safety.

List Potential Health Risks For Dogs Who Consume The Recalled Dog Food:

  • Consistent vomiting or diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weakness or fatigue
  • Increased thirst or urination
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Elevated temperature

Discuss The Symptoms That Pet Owners Should Watch Out For In Their Dogs:

Pet owners should carefully observe changes in their dog’s behavior or appetite after consuming any pet food product. In cases of the life’s abundance dog food recall, pet owners should particularly take note of the following symptoms:

  • Repeated vomiting or diarrhea
  • Sudden decrease in energy and activity levels
  • Refusal to eat or drink water
  • Difficulty breathing or increased panting
  • Excessive thirst or urination

Provide Information About What Pet Owners Should Do If They Suspect Their Dog Has Consumed The Recalled Food:

If you suspect that your dog has consumed the lifes abundance dog food recall, it is important to contact a veterinarian immediately. Your vet can assess your pet and determine if any medical intervention is necessary.

In addition to seeking veterinary care, pet owners should also:

  • Collect a small sample of the recalled food for label verification purposes
  • Keep track of any symptoms or changes in behavior
  • Cease feeding the recalled dog food product immediately
  • Review current pet food products and brands to make sure they are not subject to any recalls

Remember, your dog’s health and wellbeing is of utmost importance. Stay informed and proactive in your efforts to keep them safe and healthy.

Steps Pet Owners Can Take To Ensure Their Dog’S Safety.

Provide Steps For Pet Owners To Take To Protect Their Dogs From The Recalled Food.

Pet owners who have purchased lifes abundance dog food recall should immediately stop giving it to their dogs. Here are some steps they can take to ensure their dog’s safety:

  • Check the fda’s website for the most recent updates on the recall.
  • Take note of the lot number and expiration date of the dog food in question.
  • Contact life’s abundance to report the recalled product and for a full refund.
  • Check their dog for any signs of illness or adverse reactions.

Discuss Alternative Dog Food Options For Dogs Who Normally Eat Life’S Abundance Dog Food.

If your dog normally eats lifes abundance dog food recall, it’s important to find another brand to ensure their nutritional needs are met. Here are some alternatives:

  • Orijen. Made with fresh, regional ingredients, and biologically appropriate, orijen dog food is a high-protein, grain-free option that your dog will love.
  • Wellness. Wellness dog food combines high-quality proteins, healthy grains, and nutrient-rich superfoods to create a well-balanced diet for your dog.
  • Merrick. Merrick offers a variety of high-quality, grain-free dog food options that are made with real meat as the first ingredient.

Provide Information On How Pet Owners Can Report Adverse Reactions To The Recall.

If your dog has experienced any adverse reactions to the recalled dog food, it’s important to report it to the fda. Here are the steps pet owners can take:

  • Contact the fda’s consumer complaint coordinators in your state. You can find their contact information on the fda’s website.
  • Complete the fda’s pet food complaint form. Be sure to provide specific details about the product, including the brand and lot number.
  • Contact your veterinarian for further assistance and guidance.

Remember, it’s important to act quickly and diligently to ensure your dog’s safety. By following these steps, pet owners can help prevent their dogs from getting sick and report any adverse reactions to prevent further harm.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Life’S Abundance Dog Food Recall

What Is The Reason For Lifes Abundance Dog Food Recall?

The recall happened due to the possible contamination of salmonella bacteria in the products. Salmonella bacteria can cause illness in both humans and pets.

Which Life’S Abundance Dog Food Products Are Affected By The Recall?

The products affected include regular and reduced-fat versions of life’s abundance dog food with an expiration date of january 2023.

What Are The Symptoms Of Salmonella Poisoning In Dogs?

Symptoms include lethargy, vomiting, fever, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and abdominal pain. Dogs can also become carriers of the bacteria without showing symptoms.

What Should I Do If I Have Already Given My Dog The Affected Product?

If your pet has consumed the recalled product and is showing symptoms of salmonella poisoning, contact your veterinarian immediately. It is also recommended to discard the remaining food.

How Can I Get A Refund Or Replacement For The Affected Product?

Customers who have purchased the affected products are advised to contact the company for a refund or replacement. Details on how to do this are available on the company’s website.


As a dog owner, you want to make sure that you are feeding your furry friend the best possible food. The recent lifes abundance dog food recall may have left you feeling concerned and unsure about what to do next.

While it is important to stay informed and stay vigilant when it comes to your pet’s health, it is also important to remember that recalls can happen to even the most reputable brands. This situation is a reminder of the importance of researching the ingredients in your pet’s food, staying up to date on recalls, and making informed decisions about what you feed your four-legged companion.

Remember, their health and well-being is in your hands, so make sure to take the necessary steps to keep them happy and healthy for years to come.


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